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L E T T E R S P A C E . C O M  is home to LetterPerfect Fonts, Legacy of Letters Tours, prints, publications & more . . . .

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LetterPerfect Fonts
Since 1986, LetterPerfect has been supplying carefully-crafted, original display fonts to designers and desktop publishers worldwide. We now offer over 50 unique designs for both Macintosh and Windows platforms (in PostScript & TrueType formats) as well as in the new cross-platform OpenType format, which works in both Macintosh and Windows environments.

LetterPerfect Fonts offers two distinctive lines: Viva la Fonts & Legacy of Letters. Check out our newest releases -- The Swedish Set, The Florentine Set and Longhand Family sold here at screamer prices!

Legacy of Letters Tours
Paul Shaw is organizing future Legacy of Letters Tours. To learn more, see:
You can view the scrapbook from our earlier tours to Rome, Florence and Tuscany here: Legacy of Letters Tour Archives

LP Design Services
LetterPerfect has generated over 100 custom fonts and several hundred custom lettering and logo treatments for both small and large businesses. See our portfolio, client list and selected case studies.

LP Publications
The Legacy of Letters Collector Editions include a growing list of monographs & essays by some of the world's most respected lettering authorities as well as special-edition prints, rubbings and artwork.

Letterspace Nexus
Surf the web for other sites that cater to type & lettering enthusiasts. We're building links to top sites for typography, calligraphy, book arts, and a Graffiti Wall for posting your own items.

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