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Two gentlemen of Verona — in front of the Castelvecchia.

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After completing the '99 Legacy of Letters Tour, I went to Milan for my friend Gabriel Rummonds' book retrospective exhibition. We then journeyed together through the Veneto region, enjoying the food, friends, libraries and press rooms in Verona where Gabo had lived and worked for many years.

Verona was a rich surprise -- having much more to offer than Juliet's fabled house and balcony. The Museo Lapidario Maffeiano contains one of the best collections of classical Roman inscription stones outside of Rome. And two important libraries -- the Biblioteca Capitolare and the Biblioteca Civica have outstanding manuscript and printing collections. Verona's legacy of fine handpress printing, spawned by Felice Feliciano in the 15th century, and bolstered this century with Hans Mardersteig  and Gabriel Rummonds continues into the next millenium under the pressmarks of Officina Chimèrea (Allesandro Corubolo & Gino Castiglioni) and Edizioni Ampersand (Allesandro Zanella) among others.

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