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To market, to market...

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This is the Testaccio covered market. It takes up a full city block and consists of vendors selling fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, seafood, flowers, and a few other items I haven't yet identified. Giulia, my landlord and 'sponsor', took and introduced me to all of her favorite vendors. They've since treated me like a 'regular'. Sometimes we're given signs that we're in the right place -- here are two streets that border the Testaccio market:

AldoManuzioSign2b.jpg (12156 bytes) BodoniSign2b.jpg (11433 bytes)

Typographers will understand!

pyramid2.jpg (18570 bytes)

Yes, that's a pyramid!. It's the Pyramid of Cestius, a minor Roman official of the 1st century B.C. who wished to be immortalized in the manner of the Pharaohs. This eccentric object serves as a useful landmark, and has given the local metro stop its name -- Piramide. The British poets Keats and Shelly are buried in the adjacent Protestant Cemetery.

CafeDuParc1.jpg (28248 bytes)

There's a lovely park in the other direction from the Pyramid, in which this retro-looking cafe sits. I took the picture to document the signage, which really ought to be made into a typeface...

Scanderbeg2.jpg (21830 bytes)

Standing sentry at the other end of the park and the Viale di Piramide Cestia is this equestrian monument to Giorgio Castriofa Scanderbeg. I thought I deciphered the word 'crusader' on its inscription, but a cab driver told me it was a tribute to the Swiss Guard's long service to the Papacy.

[To see a map of my neighborhhod, click here.]


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