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Touring the north of Italy with my parents [part 1]

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We're on a ferry on Lake Como, looking at the town of Cadenabbia on the west side. This was toward the end of our trip and added as an afterthought, but were sure glad we did! [As you may deduce, these photos are not chronological.]

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Dad and Mom feeling fresh at the start of our tour.

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Bramasole. Mom and I are both fans of Frances Mayes books recounting her saga of restoring a villa in Tuscany. We spent a couple of hours snooping around Cortona and finally found our prize perched on a steep hillside surrounded by cypress and olive trees. Dad even got into the chase!

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View of Rapallo on the Ligurian Coast near Genoa. Took this from our hotel balcony at the sweetest little hotel. Not content to enjoy this paradisiac setting, we hopped a train for Monaco 3 hours away, only to find that Montecarlo is shut up tight on Sundays. We gambled on the impulse, and lost, but saw some beautiful coastal scenery along the way.

OrvietoNight1.jpg (18002 bytes)

This spooky-looking scene (I'm posting this on Halloween) was actually a very serene one in Orvieto on our last night before returning to Rome. Orvieto is a charming medieval hill town in Umbria, with possibly the best duomo facade in all of Italy. Its main irritant however is its clock tower (seen in the background) which chimes both the hour the quarter hour and doesn't know to lay off during the graveyard shift. I took this photo during one spell of insomnia.

[To see part 2 of our journey to the north of Italy, click here.]


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