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An intermezzo on color and light on an autumn day in Rome....

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Though not a match for Vermont, Rome does have a marked autumn season, with accompanying colors. This leaf on the ground caught my eye after photographing the sky, buildings and people all day.

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The blue of the sky on this particular day was more vibrant than I ever remember seeing it, providing a perfect color complement to the ochre-colored buildings of Rome.

OchreBuildling1.jpg (16456 bytes)

The "ochre" and amber-hues of Rome come in many different shades:

OrangeGoldBuilding1b.jpg (16321 bytes) OchreBuilding2b.jpg (16932 bytes)

           from peach.

 DayGlowJacket1c.jpg (16001 bytes) cobblers1b.jpg (19111 bytes)

And there is another prevalent color in the city duing its frantic race to prepare for the millennium and Giubileo 2000 kickoff -- dayglow orange!

OrangeJuiceWaiter3.jpg (16715 bytes)

In the quiet little Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere there is a fancy bar that specializes in fresh-squeezed orange juice. I asked the waiter to pose for me with his parfait glass of o.j. destined for the table with matching cloth and eager palate.

SAntinioPorteghesi1b.jpg (14245 bytes) SAntinioPorteghesi1_Detb1.jpg (8646 bytes)

The Portuguese church of Sant'Antonio dei Portoghesi hosts a fine Renaissance painting of the Madonna and Child with Saints Anthony and Francis. Here the latter's stigmata burns in his hand, fire-red.

FullMoon1.jpg (9977 bytes)

I couldn't resist concluding with this closeup of the full moon and a straining couplet:
    Set in the light-void of the night sky,
    Diana reflects in her face to us all the colors as white.
Bella luna!


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