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Dither Disclamour:
Apologies for the low-resolution of many of these photos; they're being generated from my camcorder. I hope to have better quality worked out for future postcards.



postcards from the edge
. . . .

I am treating myself to a sabbatical in Rome this fall and winter in order to do research on historical lettering and to lay ground work for future Legacy of Letters Tours. This website constitutes an intermittent photo journal of some of my experiences and impressions while in Italy. I'm posting these images for anyone interested to follow along on my sojourn. If you'd like to subscribe to an email announce list as new images are posted click on the link at the left, or email me at

                                     Ciao e grazie, Garrett Boge

click on the thumbnail for corresponding large photo(s) and comments

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Damasus and me

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04.Boge&Shaw3bsm.gif (3410 bytes)
Paul and me
02.Boge&Rummonds3sm.gif (3783 bytes)
Gabo and me
TestaccioMarket1sm.jpg (12008 bytes)
My neighborhood
LakeComo1sm.jpg (7913 bytes)
Trip north, part 1
BotticelliAnnuncio1sm.jpg (10013 bytes)
Trip north, part 2
PalazzoSpadoDial1sm.jpg (8605 bytes)
LeafOnGrass1sm.jpg (9980 bytes)
GroupTour1sm.jpg (9839 bytes)
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Bernini angels
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Early Christian
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