This website was set up to provide information about all aspects of handpress printing, including practical presswork, printers and their publications, and useful hints regarding the craft. I have personally heard from many viewers that this page has helped them in perfecting their craft, and I am grateful that I could be of some small help and encouragement to them.

Oak Knoll Press has remaindered my two books on printing. They were sold to Powell's in Portland, OR.

Because I am no longer printing and am devoting my energies to other pursuits, I have closed down this website. A new website for printers on the iron handpress is now at:

Thank you for your interest, support, and pursuit of the craft of fine handpress printing!

-- Richard-Gabriel Rummonds.

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Photo: Guido Trevisani

A new website for printing

on the iron handpress is at:


Last update: July 12, 2011




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