Handpress printers photo gallery

This section posts photographs of handpress printers at their presses. Click on the printer's name to return to his or her main entry.


UPDATE  Robert Baris, Press on Scroll Road, at his Ostrander Seymour Washington press

Shop19.jpg.jpg (68623 bytes)
Photo: J. Hill Hamon


Gino Castiglioni and Alessandro Corubolo, Officina Chimèrea, at their 1855 Amos dell’Orto Albion press

ac&gc2.jpg (50951 bytes)
Photo: Enzo Bassotto


Erik Desmyter, between his Lejeune ca. 1840 counterweight Albion press and his Spiers (late Walker) 1837 Stanhope press

Erik.jpg (107638 bytes)


Jan Elsted, Barbarian Press, at her (and Crispin's) 1850 Super Royal Albion press

elsted3.jpg (35838 bytes)
Photo: David Evans


UPDATE Patricio Gatti, Imprenta Ideal, at his A. Hogenforst Ideal press

gatti4[1].jpg (27268 bytes)


Jeff Haste, The Press at Deerbrook, at his Hoe Washington press

JH at press.jpg (63183 bytes)


Stephen Heaver, The Hill Press, at his Reliance press

Steve w Reliance.jpg (51981 bytes)
Photo: Terry Chouinard


William Hesterberg, Hesterberg Press, at his Reliance press.

HesterbergPress.jpg (110416 bytes)


Peter Kruty, Peter Kruty Editions, at his ca. 1878 R. Hoe Washington press

kruty4.jpg (58366 bytes)
Photo: John Back


Mark Lintott, Editions Verdigris, at his Dubois Harrissard et Cottet Stanhope press

stanhopepress.JPG (41337 bytes)


Joseph Low, Eden Hill Press, at his R. Hoe Washington press

LOW.jpg (66248 bytes)
Photo: Ed Feingersh


Doug Marlow, Carnation Press, at his Wesel press

DOUG-WESEL3.JPG (133595 bytes)


Norman McKnight, Philoxenia Press, at his Pratt Albion press

McKnight.jpg (39688 bytes)


Rollin Milroy, Heavenly Monkey, at his Ostrander Seymour Extra Heavy Washington press

milroy.jpg (224216 bytes)


Carl Montford, Montford Press, at his Reliance press

Montford.jpg (61458 bytes)
Photo: John Labovitz


Mark Nero at Dard Hunter’s Shniedewend Midget Reliance Press

nero1copy.bmp (257990 bytes)


UPDATED Juan Pascoe, Taller Martín Pescador, at his 1838 R. Hoe Washington Imperial 1 press

JuanPascoe.jpg (73698 bytes)


UPDATED  Robert Patierno's at his Extra Heavy Ostrander Seymour Co. press

artist-in-studio-w-press.jpg (22396 bytes)


Don Rash, Boss Dog Press, at his Morgan & Wilcox press

DSCN0433.JPG (44199 bytes)


Enrico Tallone, Tallone Stampatore, working at his Stanhope press

tallone3.jpg (51070 bytes)
Photo: Gabriel Rummonds


Wesley B. Tanner and Susan Skarsgard, Passim Editions, their Harrild & Sons Albion press, 1862

tanner.jpg (151357 bytes)


Diana Thomas, Poolside Press, at her 1851 Hopkinson & Cope Albion press

thomas2.jpg (58952 bytes)
Photo: Mary Greco


Fred & Barbara Voltmer, Havilah Press, with Chad Johnson at their William Notting Columbian press, 1869.

havilahpress.jpg (46577 bytes)


Milton Watkins, Ballarat Bookbinding & Specialist Printing, at his 1857 Albion press

Milt&Albion.jpg (20408 bytes)


Alessandro Zanella, Edizioni Ampersand, at his Stanhope press

zanella3.jpg (40559 bytes)
Photo: Arturo Rinaldi


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